Arctic camp International is a youth camp for students between 14-18 years old. The camp location is in the area of Nordland, northern part for Norway. The camp is 7 days filled with exciting science activities. The combination of stunning nature, outside activities, photo lectures, aviation activities, geology activities such as visiting caves and glaciers are all important ingredients in order to give you the best camp week ever. 
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Photo: FIRST Scandinavia 2016 camp





Exciting Science activities during Arctic Camp International

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    Norway’s long and jagged coastline surrounded by cold, fresh seawater provides excellent conditions for aquaculture activities. 
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    You hear photographers talk about composition all the time, but what exactly is composition and how is it different from subject?  We will learn more about the topic during the camp.
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    During our geology program we will visit some spectacular caves in the municipality of Beiarn, and also visit Svartisen, Norway’s second largest glacier. At just 20 m above sea level, it is the lowest glacier in mainland Europe.

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    Evening activities

    Evenings are filled with exciting competitions, we will have several outdoor activities, such as windsurfing courses, sea kayak course, fun with robotics, and also spend cosy quiz evenings by the fire at night. 




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    Norway is known for nature attractions like fjords, mountains and midnight sun, and is easily accessible by plane from most European countries. The City of Bodø is located on a peninsula on a beautiful stretch of coastline in Northern Norway, only a 90-minute flight from Oslo.

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    Where to stay

    It is very important to us that our participants enjoy comfortable surroundings. The days are long and exciting, and we are convinced that comfortable
    accommodation is crucial for all our participants.
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    Practical Information

    Going to a new country is an exciting and possibly a slightly daunting prospect, particularly if it is your first time going  abroad. Arctic camp provides a range  of services to ensure that you get here, with all the necessary paperwork completed and all the practicalities arranged.